It is the team that assists the engineering student in the profession of an industrial engineer and prepares him-her for the labor market by organizing sessions in the field of industrial engineering. In addition to courses that target the students' social life away from engineering and call for more practical opportunities by organizing workshops and activities related to their interests.
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Responsible for managing all IISE's social media platforms, working on advertising the means of activities, and writing appropriate publications.
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Responsible for the expansion of our student branch by maintaining communication with the other chapters, in addition to organizing field trips that help the students to identify the areas of work for an Industrial Engineer. We also organize trips to schools around Jordan, to help the school students know more about Engineering as a whole and the Industrial Engineering major in specific. The team is also responsible for booths and events such as the Welcoming Event and Orientation which are held at the beginning of each year.
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This team requires Photoshop/ Illustrator skills to design badges, cards, flyers, and certificates where training to improve their design skills is provided.
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Here in Expand, members are responsible for organizing large events such as the annual conference, as well as doing collaborations with other chapters and local communities to expand the name of the IISE The University of Jordan chapter.
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This team is in charge of serving both our small community as IISE members - UJ chapter, and the larger community which is the society we are part of. Community team takes the responsibility of arranging IISE member's gatherings that help the members bond and create a healthy work environment. We also organize charity work and events that serve the community we belong to.
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